Green vision

Our formulas, which are effective even at low temperatures, are devised specifically to enable maximum savings both of water and of power.
At the plant in Niella Tanaro the washing water is recycled through a modern purification system that filters it and returns it to the production cycle, and starting in 2011 a brand-new 800 kWh photovoltaic system able to provide 30% of the energy used for production will be operational. The same attention is paid to disposal of chemical waste and production scraps.
We have reduced the weight of the materials used for packaging and in production of the bottles. As far as concerns our ultra-concentrated washing detergent Lady 2000, for example, the quantity of polymers used has been cut by over 70%, making it handier for the consumer and less of a burden for the environment.
All our production activities take place in Italy, cutting the distances for delivery on wheels to the distribution chains, with a considerable reduction in the production of CO2.