The Deterplast Group

Deterplast was established in Niella Tanaro in 1963 with the aim of simplifying household cleaning thanks to the large-scale use of innovative formulations. Constant progress has been made over the years and, thanks to its investments, the Deterplast Group has become increasingly strong and reliable, with activities throughout Italy and Europe. The arrival of a new holding group in 1987 brought with it new resources and developments, together with a general re-organisation. Significant investments have been made in time in technology, new systems, automation, ecology and human resources. Between 2004 and 2010 ten million euros were invested in order to increase the Group’s production capacity, to boost the research and development of new formulations and to improve the quality and consistency of its products. The corporate policy is to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market thanks to the acquisition of innovative technology and plants monitored by computer programmes and integrated systems for preparing and packaging the products.