Chemical preparations

The Preparation Shop, where both liquid and powder detergents are prepared, is the real pride of the whole production system. At the Niella Tanaro plant each formula is managed by a computer that is able to control simultaneously eight different reactors inside which the chemical reactions and mixing of the raw materials take place. The operator is able to monitor introduction of the components in real time, and the system automatically signals any process upsets and the corrections that have to be made. All the operations are recorded in files that are stored in the Central EDP system. Three demineralised water systems complete the system for preparing liquids.
In Boffalora d’Adda the arrival and processing of the raw materials used for production of washing powders are monitored in real time by a computerised system, thus ensuring constant compliance with the pre-established quality standards. Our technology, which features both a conventional spray-drying system and a special latest-generation reactor, enables rapid switches between formulas, consistent products and energy saving.